Party Down South Season 5 – Lauren, Tiffany and Santana Fist Fight

Santana Bordelon and Lauren White fight
During the promo for Party Down South Season 5, Lauren, Tiffany and Santana Fist Fight. Lyle Boudreaux and sexy girlfriend Santana Bordelon were chillin in the hot tube when the girls started talking junk. When the two came inside the house all hell breaks loose.
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Crazy Story About Myrtle Manor Gina Shelley And Anna Nicole Smith

Myrtle Manor Gina Thompson Shelley Anna Nicole Smith

Pic of the famous Anna Nicole Smith clown video

Gina T Shelley of “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” used to be friends with world-famous model Anna Nicole Smith, in fact her father (G. Ben Thompson) dated Smith. Gina Shelley’s daughter Reilly was the little girl that was painting Smith’s face in the video. The clown video and more after the jump.

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Party Down South Season 3 Episode 1 Video Replay Complete HD Back In The Saddle

Hannah Hott Dogg Guidry
Party Down South Season 3 Episode 1 Full Show – As the roommates arrive in Biloxi, Mississippi, they quickly realize they’re a Lil’ Bit short of eight people. They get thier first look at new roommate Hannah “Hott Dogg” Guidry.
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