Crazy Story About Myrtle Manor Gina Shelley And Anna Nicole Smith

Myrtle Manor Gina Thompson Shelley Anna Nicole Smith

Pic of the famous Anna Nicole Smith clown video

Gina T Shelley of “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” used to be friends with world-famous model Anna Nicole Smith, in fact her father (G. Ben Thompson) dated Smith. Gina Shelley’s daughter Reilly was the little girl that was painting Smith’s face in the video. The clown video and more after the jump.

Gina Thompson Shelley Of Myrtle Manor And Ford Shelley

Gina Thompson Shelley And Ford Shelley Comment On Disturbing Clown Tape

Some quotes from Fox News interview with Gina and Ford Shelley. Source here. Anna Nicole’s Friends Comment On Disturbing Tape

VAN SUSTEREN: What do those tapes tell you? I mean, what do you notice about — I mean, you know Anna Nicole, I mean, what do those tapes tell you? What was going on?

F. SHELLEY: Well, it was almost like Howard was taping these so he could sell them, because he — on the tape, he made reference to — it was going to be worth some money. You know, the tapes show a time when my little girl was scared and she asked to call me and he didn’t let her.

And Anna wasn’t herself. Anna was acting like a child. She thought she’d already had the baby and my little girl was scared and Howard had to calm her down. And tell her, say, “Anna, you’re scaring Reilly. You’re scaring her. You’re scaring her.”

And she didn’t understand. Anna didn’t mean it. But, Howard is a grown man, and he’s sitting there videotaping this and watching Anna. She needed help. She didn’t need that.

VAN SUSTEREN: And your little girl said, “Howard.”

GINA SHELLEY, FRIEND OF ANNA NICOLE SMITH: “Please call the doctor, Howard. Let’s call the doctor, Howard, please. Something’s wrong with ‘Bunny.'” She called her “Bunny.” And Howard’s like — Reilly’s like, “I’m going to call my dad.” And Howard’s like, “That phone doesn’t work, honey, the one in the kitchen does.” And when Reilly ran out to call, Howard tells Anna, “You’re scaring Reilly. You’re scaring Reilly, Anna. You really need to straighten up. You’re scaring her.” You know, so.

A partial transcript from Fox New “On the Record,” February 12, 2007, that has been edited for clarity here.

This version of the Anna Nicole Smith clown video has been edited with text and info not in the original cut. I do not know who made this and make no claims to the accuracy of the video.

This is the original uncut Anna Nicole Smith clown video with Gina and Ford Shelley’s daughter Reilly and filmed by Howard K. Stern (Smith’s lawyer).

Here is also a great set of facts on Gina Shelley’s husband, Ford Shelley and Gina’s father (South Carolina real estate mogul G. Ben Thompson). Link: Ford Shelley of Anna Nicole Smith Fame is Heading to Federal Jail and Taking some of the Thompson’s with him!!!

Even most sad news.Link: Judge denies prison delay for Myrtle Beach developer Ford Shelley

Quote from

MYRTLE BEACH — Condominium developer Ford Shelley will have to report to federal prison on Wednesday after a judge on Friday denied Shelley’s request to postpone his sentence while he appeals his case.

Judge Terry Wooten, in a written order, stated that “after careful consideration, the motion to stay [Shelley’s] reporting date … is denied.”

Shelley was sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty last year to one felony charge of mail fraud related to sales at his Pineapple Bay condo project on Porcher Drive. Shelley is to report to the Bennettsville Federal Correctional Institution, a medium security facility for male inmates.


These articles and videos referenced to here were all written by their individual prospective columnists and news outlets therefore I make no claim to their accuracies. Just rehashing old news. These are just interesting facts for our “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” viewers.

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  1. Mike Vikkers

    I remember when the whole Anna Nicole Smith thing went down. I even watched the clown video. That is wild that this is the Myrtle Manor lady Gina. I even saw the story about how her husband Ford Shelly was such a crook on the WMBF Myrtle Beach news. Her dad was even worse with the whole drug deal thing. Just weird.


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